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Friday, December 4, 2015

Intimidated A Little?

A beautiful heavy frost last night.  I took a couple pictures of the early riser sheep out with Hank, who was camouflaged in silver.  He saw me and left the sheep (nothing going on in the neighborhood this morning apparently) to come out and say good morning and make a lap around the yard.  He does this pretty regularly and when he's done, he wants to be let back in with his sheep.  If I've left the barn, he'll lay down at whatever gate is closest to them and take a nap, waiting for me to come back.  

This morning I walked down towards the house to talk with the contractor who had just pulled in.  I looked back at the barn and saw Hank, Kate and Comby.  Ooh, that's a neat picture - click.  Wait a minute - seems odd that Hank is laying in the driveway...  He's never done that before...  And then I got it.

Remember how Hank will split the difference between two groups of sheep so he can watch both?  He was splitting the difference between his sheep...and his person...who was talking to a "stranger".  

And he wasn't napping ;-).

The original picture for the post this morning.  You'll have to look closely to find Hank.

Coming out to say good morning...and watch my back :-).

Anyone want to do another Hank puzzle?

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