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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Turns Out There's Still A Little Room In The Inn

I've been following the story of this lamb, one of Liddy's cousins, all fall.  The Rogue Lamb.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Or crawl under fences.  Or through fences.  Or slip out a gate. Or teleport maybe?  It's hard to say.

He's been weaned four times.  Each time he's decided he doesn't care to live with the kids his own age and the next thing Kathy knows, he's back in the ewe flock.  Didn't even have to be his mother's group - any groups of ewes would work.  He's not interested in "getting to know them better".  He just didn't want to live with the lambs.  I'd love to know why.

Part as a challenge and part because I've enjoyed following his crazy adventures (his pretty fleece didn't hurt either ;-) I decided he needed to join our flock.  "What do you want that outlaw for?!?" Kathy asked.  Well, I'm not thecrazysheeplady for nothing ;-).  I appreciate that he's made a stand.  Let's see where his story leads.  But first he needs a name.  

While he may always end up being called The Rogue Lamb, I think we can do better.  He's super smart.  Very clever and sly.  He's apparently managed to get himself in and out of any number of crazy situations sneaking from field to field without "pitching himself headfirst into a coffee table and knocking himself silly".  I don't really feel like he's a true outlaw, trying to be bad.  Maybe more of a wily trickster, out on the [lamb].  Any thoughts?

In the meantime, here are a few quick snaps from my iPhone this afternoon.  I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow.  

"If you think that story about me pitching myself head first into the coffee table and knocking myself was amazing, wait til I tell you some of my other stories!"

His first friend is Maisie and he's living with Graham - everybody better look out!

"Hi, I'm Hank.  I'm your new guard dog.  Welcome to the farm.  I think you'll like it here."

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