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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hank And Maisie (And Renny) Flip Book

I was toting some laundry from the camper to the Wool House early this morning so I could capture as much sunlight today for line drying (much like the pioneers ha ha ;-) and saw Maisie grazing out next to Hank.  

Cue classic cartoons sunrise music (and run grab the camera).

Before I had a minute to check my camera settings, Hank heard something he didn't like.  I started snapping.

"Time to go in, sheeps!"

Watch Renny immediately run right over to him.  Remember when I wasn't sure if she'd ever learn to trust him?

This would be a fun flip book.  Sorry the pictures are dark, but they're still priceless.

Renny's not as fast as Maisie.  No one is as fast as Maisie.  She's always been a speedy sheepy and she still loves to dig in and go and it never fails to make my day :-).

Who'd have ever thought that Renny would be able to run so well.  She came in a few seconds in front of everyone else.

Hank looks like a hall monitor :-).

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