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Thursday, December 31, 2015


"I think it'll fly."

B. Willard's been wanting in on the space ship action for awhile.  He, Murphy and Baaxter gave the "sheep camp" a good check.  And Andy just thought that was a fancy water trough...  He'll learn ;-).

This was my home away from home during the remodel.  The Jeff Foxworthy underpinning was for the couple nights it got in the 20's.  Luckily most of the late fall/into winter was super warm so the living was easy and I was actually sort of sad to move back home.  

Parked next to the barn, I could hear Graham's bell chiming any time I woke up during the night.  I'd hear coyotes off in the distance, here Hank's "reply" and go right back to sleep.  Rain on the roof was so nice as well.  It was just like camping, but with a furnace, hot running water, a computer and a coffee pot :-).  

The remodel is basically done.  We are finishing a couple small projects and I have some painting to do.  I've  been waiting for some sunshine (natural light) to take some pictures, but I'm beginning to wonder...  I'll try to get some pictures this afternoon regardless.  It should will all be straightened up before the new year starts.

What are your new year "superstitions"?

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