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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Howling At The...

The back story - I saw several sheep grazing out by the ponds.  Not many sheep out these days between the several days of snow and many days of rain.  Sheep out in the "wilds" was a treat!  I grabbed the camera.

As I was snapping some grazing pictures, a heron flew in, just to my right, and landed at the small pond.  I'm actually further away than it looks due to zooming in.  The sheep all startled as it landed, but went back to eating.  Hank lost his mind though and called them all in.


"We're coming!"

Just call Hershey Fabio ;-D

They were gettin' it!  Wish I'd thought to video it.

Liddy's not that fast.  She was closer to the front ;-).

But Bullwinkle is!

And so is Levi the Squirrel aka Captain America (someone please remind me to tell that story!)

Look at those luscious locks, flowing in the wind :-D

"As long as we can still beat a Jacob sheep, we're doing okay."

Turns out it might not be so hard to outrun a Jacob sheep around here anymore.  More about that later as well.

Murphy crossing the bridge.  Baaxter and Hershey holding up.  I'll share a couple more of them later this week.  Those boys...

It was a fun series of pictures and I just laugh out loud every time I see them running like that.  Too bad Maisie wasn't out there, but Bullwinkle and Woody are almost as funny.  And Hershey and his big 'do.  But really, was a heron that big of a threat?


Long before I could hear anything...

Notice that he's run down the hill to put himself in between his sheep and the "coyotes".  Guard dogs are just amazing.  I might wonder what he's thinking, but I never second guess him.

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