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Friday, January 6, 2017

Speaking Of The Christmas Card

On the last day of Christmas...

I love, love, love to get comments on my blog posts.  Especially comments with questions.  And even comments questioning missing characters on the Christmas cards.  

From Cheryl... "I have to ask, where is Eli?"   Eli is sleeping winter away in his heated cat condo.  He would not be caught dead out playing in the snow ;-).

From Lorraine..."Did I miss PPPP?"  Un, (gulp) no...I missed PPPP :-o.  How could I leave out PPPP???? For crying out loud, she's one of my very favorite sheep and is even one of the "oldies" coming out to eat twice a day, the inspiration for the design!

I was sick about this.  Eli...I purposely left him out when I was getting too many characters on there. PPPP?  She had to be on there.  This may sound crazy, but the card was ruined to me without her on there.  

So now she is!  I tucked her in next to Keebs :-).

I haven't decided what to do with the first group of cards Tim has already printed.  I hate the thought of sending my [albeit not quite complete] family to the recycle bin.  Probably no one but me (and Lorraine ;-) would even notice they were slightly different.  Do I leave them in circulation?  Make it a game to see where they end up?  

And while we are talking about it, Tim printed extra calendars to make sure there were plenty of Comby and Betsy calendars to go around.  We only have a few Lamb Camp calendars left, but there is a good stack of Farm Calendars left over (!).  Would anyone be upset if I put them on sale to try to find them homes?  

Meanwhile, out in the cold snow...Comby says "No pain, no gain, Eli!"

I will give Eli some credit.  I'm getting ready to head out to the barn to check on everyone and throw out some more hay before I go to bed.  Eli will make the trek out with me.  Or at least I think he will. It's going down to 4 tonight.  Wonder if he'll bail?  I doubt it.  He goes with me every night.

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