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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yarn Along - Three For Three!

Joining the Yarn Along group is not only fun, but it's also a great way for me to account for my goal of Make Yarn/Use Yarn.  I'm three for three (weeks) so far!  Can I keep it up?

The Jester hat...going slowly, but not going as poorly as I've been worrying about the last few days.  I thought my floats were too loose and I was going to have to rip it all out and start over.  Most (normal) people get their floats too tight.  Me?  Abby-normal....shut up!  I slipped half the stitches to a second needle to check and everything looks fine.  

Liddy.  Spun on the CPW and plied on the miniSpinner.  I really like the yarn (very soft and smooshy)...except it's thinner than I like to knit.  I also had some plying inconsistencies...that may have been due to plying it during the Packers/Cowboys game :-o.  This picture doesn't look too bad, but boy, it's inconsistent (some good, some over plied, some underplied). 

I can't think of any way to easily fix that without going through it yard by yard and adjusting according, which I've done before...but it's yarn that I'm probably going to just look at and never use, so I'm not sure I want to invest that kind of time.  Probably more useful as a reminder of how NOT to ply yarn...

And this is what I get if I try to take pictures on the steps of the Wool House.  No, Hickory, it's not dinner time yet.  Levi and Bullwinkle are hopeful as well.  It's just 3:30.  On a Wednesday!  I'm not a day late :-).

My book this week is Brave and Loyal: An Illustrated Celebration of Livestock Guardian Dogs, by Cat Urbigkit.  Perfect timing with the pictures and video yesterday, eh?  I love sharing stories about Hank and love reading about other amazing guardian dogs.  I'm parceling it out a couple chapters at a time. 

I've recommended her Shepherds of Coyote Rocks book before.  It's one of my all time favorites. I looked back to see if I'd recommended that with a Yarn Along post and found this.  Sweet little Liddy, now all grown up (and out - no, that's not all wool :-o) and making yarn :-).

Joining in with Ginny...

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