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Monday, January 23, 2017

New [Lambs] On The Block

I let, wait, let me back up, they let themselves out for a little yard time yesterday afternoon. I had been planning to let them out after I got their new temporary pen set up.  They just beat me to it by a couple minutes ;-).

Jacobs are interesting to watch.  They are considered a "primitive breed" which, among other things, makes them perhaps a bit more "wild" than, say, a Cotswold or a Texel.  Notice how tight they are gathered and looking all four directions before deciding it's safe to graze.  I doubt there's a Cotswold out there that would hesitate before eating haha :-).

Spreading out a little bit.

The sassy ewe looking at the camera is rapidly becoming a favorite.

They've never seen a Border Collie before, so Kate has her work cut out for her teaching them how to follow directions.  Kate is very kind and patient and they are catching on.  And, as they got bolder and headed towards the off limits back porch of the house, it was a huge relief to be able to send Kate to go bring them back.  Thank you, Kate!

Here's a colorful new puzzle :-).

Or two :-).


Names tomorrow :-).

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