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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meanwhile Back At Snowy Lamb Camp

A few shots from the other day.  Those lambies are growing up too fast!

This is that lighter "black" ewe lamb.  She's definitely turning gray and her fleece is already a favorite.

Her much blacker brother.  Another cutie.

The first ewe lamb - Miss Maybelline.

The last set of twins born just before Christmas.  Both boys, but both beautiful black fleeces.  

This is not the white ewe lamb triplet.  It's teeny tiny Peter (he got a special name because he's so stinkin' cute ;-) on his first day out with the big kids.  Everyone took good care of him.

This is the pretty white ewe lamb that goes with the two boys - the jingle bell lambs.

Tiny Peter heading out to the great outdoors with his good momma right by his side.

Not quite teefers and not quite a tongue out T-ewes-day, but don't you just want to scritch his fuzzy little cheeks?

"What is with you all wanting to see my teefers???"

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