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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Tilly Appreciation Post

Tilly had as much fun with the new sheep as Kate.  Corgis are actually a herding breed.  I think they are more cattle dogs, but I don't really know that for sure.  Most Corgis I know are best at herding food bowls ;-).  Luckily Kate is very kind to Tilly.  All her "help" would probably have pushed another dog over the edge.  

The noble shepherd keeping an eye on those dastardly sheeps.

Time to come in.  Go get 'em up.

Kate makes a big loop to pick them up.  Tilly cuts the loop in half and swoops in from the side ;-).

Barking her fool head off...  We all prefer Kate's management style ;-).

Looks like someone's getting sassy.

And now one is missing.  Where are you Tara?

"I'm right here!"

On watch.

I'm not sure if Tilly knows they are starting to get too far away or she's just listening to Kate rise up. Truthfully, I think she knows they are starting to get too far away.  She does have some concept of what is going on besides just chasing Kate around.  If she would just stop that infernal barking :-o.

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