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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Perfect Video...Well Almost

If I'd just thought to Turn The Camera Sideways...

I've been posting some Instagram pictures and videos of the new girls out in the yard over the last couple of days.  Yesterday I missed several opportunities to take Cat Sniffing pics of Eli (yes, surprisingly out of his condo), Comby, but did catch a picture of them chasing Betsy up onto the fence.

This morning I missed them checking out Claire Bear, Eli, and Comby, but did catch this with Betsy. Once it was done I realized I'd taken  "the perfect country and western sheep song video".  We've got cute sheep, Betsy, Eli, Cat Sniffing, sun, Kate, Kate working, Tilly, Tilly "helping", sunshine, sheep sproinging, did I mention the sun is shining?

It was a bit too long for Instagram, so here is a YouTube version.

I was going to say leave a comment with your favorite part of this video and we'd have 20 draw a winner for one of the leftover calendars, but I've gotten several emails in the last 24 hours telling me that the comments aren't working right.  Not sure what is up with that.  Hoping just a temporary blogger issue as I don't have time to try to dig through that right now :-/.

So, TRY to leave a comment (and if it doesn't work, just shoot me an email, but try the comments option first).  If you already have a calendar, let me know and I'll find something else you might like :-).  If you don't win and don't have a 2017 calendar yet and you'd like one, they are half price.  There are three or four Lamb Camp calendars left, too.  First come, first serve.

There WILL be a Yarn Along post (with a surprising book recommendation) coming later today.  I hope.  Stay on me if you don't see it.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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