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Monday, January 9, 2017

Soaking Up Some Sun

It's been a little colder than I'd like (down to 4 the night before last) but I've loved the snow!  Walking out to the barn late at night to check on everyone and toss out a little more hay - everything is so bright and crunchy and sparkly and quiet and...  

We've been lucky and no wind.  Everyone can handle single digits when there is no wind.  Beautiful sunshine yesterday.  Clouds moving in today and we are headed back to the mid 60s and rain in a couple days.  I (and the sheep, but maybe not the chickens ;-) will take sunny cold and frozen any day!   

Annabelly, Billy Belly and Heidi

Keebler and Allie

Keebs again

Buddy.  He may never have a cool 'do but he has awesome ear fuzz :-D.

Hershey, Hank and Liddy


Oh, and from the If something weird is going to happen, it's going to happen to Maisie's a sort of funny Maisie story.

I did remember to unhook the hose from the hydrant last week, but forgot to drain said it's been full of ice for the last four or five days.  Not really a problem as I can carry buckets of water to refill the water tanks.  Just an inconvenience...much like the pioneers faced ;-).

The other night I was carrying out a big bucket of water.  Somehow Maisie bumped into it and got thoroughly splashed.  It was heading down to five that night.  Five and wet would be horrible, except it was Maisie, who has probably five or six inches of wool on her so it probably hadn't reached her skin.

Still, I didn't want her to lie down and have it soak in, so I quickly (and sort of without thinking) started madly brushing as much water off her side as I could.  For those who've met the little darling, let's just stop and think about what was going to happen next...

 At least I lived to tell the story ;-D.

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