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Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Morning Procrastination

I have a series of photos to divide out and share with a story to go with them and I think (hope it turned out) a funny and sweet Hank video to go with them, but I need to hustle this morning.  For anyone not hustling this morning, here is a little procrastination for you :-).

I'm not giving any clues with these.  You'll have to work the puzzles to see the pictures.  Both are pretty.  There are lots of varied components to each one (meaning not a big hunk of white sky or green grass) so aren't going to be as hard as you might think.

Don't forget you can change the number of pieces if you want.  You'll need to do that through the Jigsaw Planet link (click the puzzle piece icon on the bottom right of each puzzle).

"Don't you have some work to be doing?!?"

Don't listen to Woody ;-).  Enjoy!

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